Over the years we have outfitted all sorts of different, and in some cases rather strange, events across the country - but we have also done some pretty odd things ourselves ......

Hot Air Ballooning
With a few new companies setting up ballooning operations in different National Parks this opens up cheaper opportunities for film makers to make use of this unique perspective.

Micro light
Several micro lights are now based in Arusha and can undertake aerial filming

Para motors
Dramatic and noisy! ...... they are a great story in themselves and can land in tiny areas - but we haven't quite worked out the application for film makers yet! ...any ideas anyone??

Walking in the Serengeti
An incredibly intense experience that allows the wildlife cameraman to get to places that are inaccessible from traditional car based filming - from rocky ravines to getting inside kopjes. We have already had one NGS crew tracking lions on foot with us!

Exploring the unexplored Kilimanjaro
Although hundreds of thousands of boots tramp their way to the summit of Kilimanjaro each year they all stick to very defined routes and trails. Outside he these trails wildlife abounds from the minute spiders and insects that endure the freezing temperatures to the larger mammals - antelopes, elephants and lions that pass through the area.

Diving on the islands
Tanzania has a vast coastline and numerous islands from the famous Zanzibar to a myriad of lesser know outcroppings. The more remote ones in particular are phenominal treasure troves with undulating coral reefs and drop off that plummet into the dark depths .......

Sailing on a dhow
More of a human interest - there is still a lively trade back and forth between the islands and even further afield in unpowered sailing dhows - these graceful but slow ships ply back and forth with various 'large' cargos form cement to charcoal. A fascinating insight into a bygone era. On of the directors recently undertook a journey in a smaller dhow from Zanzibar - the contrast between our fast paced modern world and the unspoken stoic acceptance of being becalmed for hours on end is remarkable.

Cruising up the rivers
Rivers in Tanzania are not on the scale of the Congo but in coastal areas they are the only method of communication and commerce. Over laden boats move downstream carrying coconuts and palm nuts whilst primitive dug outs act as ferries and fishing boats. Life here has barely changed in a century
Venturing into the wild bush on Motorbike

Journeys through Africa
These are always entertaining and educational. Over the years we have undertaken countless journeys off the edge of the map into 'the bush' - we are ALWAYS stunned by the scenery and humbled by the generosity of the people. From the Massai who insisted in running ahead of our motorbikes in the pouring rain to show us the best way across the ravine to the interest of secondary school children at a ramshackle school 100km from the nearest road.

Big Game fishing
A small but acticve number of boats leave the coast each day with tourists on the hunt for the 'big one' ....almost all practice tag and release ..... so what is the draw for this small facet of Tanzanain Tourism

Seaweed Farming
Zanzibar has seen a boom in this over the past few years - it now represents a double figure percentage of Zanzibar's GDP

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