Tanzania is of course famous for its wildlife - the endless Serengeti plains, the wonder of Ngorongoro and the heights of Kilimanjaro - all MUST go destinations for wildlife filmers - there literally is no where else on earth that these scenes can be filmed!

BUT there is also so much more to see and film in Tanzania .....

Wildlife - we have already mentioned the incredible opportunities and vistas available.

Culture - Tanzania has a rich and harmonious cultural back ground with the more than one hundred distinct tribes living peacefully together. Each of these tribes have their own unique culture and traditions. These vary widely form the striking red of the massai warrior and his innate love of cattle to the click speaking nomadic Hudzabe - a tribe of hunter gathers deep in the bush.

Music and Dance - from traditional music and rhythms that have been handed down over the generations to the more modern sounds at Zanzibar's annual music festival 'Sauti ya Busara' the country is alive with the beat!

Documentaries - as a developing country grappling with a booming population - 50% of the population is under the age of 16 - and a distinct lack of infrastructure and social support the country is an endless source of success stories portraying hope and a bright future and dismal views from bottom of the social ladder of despair and lost opportunities.

Coastal - with a mammoth coast line and a number of offshore islands from the famous Zanzibar to other lesser know reefs and atolls there is tremendous scope from the success of seaweed farming in Zanzibar to the challenges in controlling dynamite fishing. From pristine coral reefs alive with fish to the hard life of a subsistence fisherman relying on dwindling stocks .... and on to the hope for the future with village based projects to relocate and protect turtle eggs. The coastline is alive with possibilities.

Lakes - Tanzania borders two vast lakes - Victoria and Tanganyika. The former supporting the economy of the counties surrounding it - and often the source of fierce debate on the use of its resources. The latter - the second deepest in the world, the longest in Africa and the home to endemic species. With cool clear water and sandy beaches its an idyllic spot. As well as this thousands of other lakes dot the land from alkaline soda lakes so caustic they will burn your skin ... but are the only nesting place of flamingos to the shallow seasonal lakes with their transient population of fishermen who rely on the rains,

Historical - The country is filled with stories from the dark dark days of slavery and surprising revelations as to who was involved and the incredible 'supply train' into the interior, and on to the stories of Livingstone and Stanley and their famous meeting near Lake Tanganyika. The exploits of the Germans and the British as they chased each other back and forth across the country during the first World War - the bizarre events and incredible challenges as gun boats we dragged overland from Cape Town, seaplanes were assembled on remote islands ... all stories waiting to be told.

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