Janice Beatty

Janice has been a Tanzanian resident working with film crews since 1992, starting out as Production Manager with Baron Hugo van Lawick, working both with Partridge Films and Nature Conservation Films. On Hugo's retirement (in 1998) Janice decided to carry on the love affair with filmmaking and to become a freelance film fixer. She now does independent film fixing and organizes film outfitting through her company African Environments.

Janice is able to provide an all-round service from the idea stage of a project, though to the on-location support, food and accommodation while handling all the red tape in-between. As a Film Fixer based in Tanzania Janice is able to handle all the on-the-ground logistics, permits and permissions involved with filming in Tanzania. She has built solid relationships that allow for a smooth and successful shoot. Aside from problem solving the ‘official’ side of filming in a foreign country, Janice, along with her team is able to provide knowledge on local customs, site locations, resources, equipment hiring while supporting the well-being of the cast and crew.

She can offer a versatile and flexible service for wildlife film crews as well as catering for news and documentary teams. Janice is experienced with a wide range of formats from video to IMAX. She can be your “in town” liaison or she can be “on site” to ensure your shoot goes flawlessly.

Janice can be a producer’s, director’s or camera crew’s best friend. Her understanding of the film industry combined with local knowledge is invaluable. Answering queries about rainfall, hours of light, cultural diversities and animal behavior are all part of what Janice believes is part of being a good ’fixer’ in Africa. No question is too big, or too small! Whether the project is a nature documentary, Hollywood blockbuster, 3D, a drama or comedy piece, Janice and the African Environments team can assist on all conventional and non-conventional requests. One of the major undertakings available when working with Janice is the ability to customize safari vehicles to suit the needs of the project. Additionally with a fleet of pick-ups and passenger vehicles on-hand any logistic requirements are easy to cater for. Africa can, at times can be challenging but with the right support the rewards can be great. African Environments also has access to cooks, porters and guides who will enrich the experience and ensure the stay, no matter how long, is pleasant and productive. A sunset over the Serengeti, a Lion kill with views of Kilimanjaro or the confident smile of a Maasai Warrior will be priceless—and can only happen in Tanzania!

Feel free to contact Janice at: janiceb(at)africanenvironments.com

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