Film Fixing Services

Following are some of the services that Janice Beatty and African Environments can provide for film crews:

  • Obtain Film Permit from the Tanzanian Government
  • Schedule meetings with officials and experts in advance of the crew's arrival
  • Hire camera vehicles and support vehicles (both 4x4). Modify camera cars to individual requirements if necessary.
  • Organize field support and outfitting by providing camps and staff for locations. Camps can be our lightweight mobile “Wilderness Camp” or our larger "Luxury Safari Camps”. Both are fully catered and staffed by us.
  • Provide communications between the field and our office in town via HF radios.
  • Organize Hotel/Lodge bookings at reduced rates.
  • Assist with arranging the importation of equipment, contacts with freight agents and help and advice to set up a customs bond.
  • Arrange for 'extras' and their transport, food and accommodation.
  • Assist with the procurement and manufacture of props and costumes.
  • Suggest and assist with location identification, negotiations and security whilst filming
  • Set up aerial filming from a variety of aircraft.
  • Assist production companies with research and recommend locations ahead of the crew's arrival in Tanzania.
  • Ship off ‘rushes' or ‘dailies' back mid-shoot and liase with labs for reports. Apply for fee concessions for longer shoots
African Envionments Film Support
African Envionments Film Support
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